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What Are The Benefits To Taking On A Freelance Writing Job

Writing can be a wonderful means of expression and for people who feel drawn to that particular creative outlet, freelance writing can be an amazing opportunity. Like most things, there are cons as well as pros to consider such as the relative lack of stability and the need for self monitoring. The following benefits, however, tend to outweigh them.

  • Choosing your own hours
  • When you freelance, Mondays are no longer dreadful, they’re just another day of the week that you use in accordance with our schedule. This means that you can attend more family activities, schedule your work around your classes or do any other things that a regular nine to 5 job might make difficult. This also means that from time to time you may find yourself hard at work on a public holiday when the rest of the country is having a blast but it is consoling to know that you’d be doing so out of choice rather than necessity.

  • Clients not bosses
  • As a freelancer, you deal with clients politely and respectfully with the intention of meeting their needs but ultimately they are not your bosses. This means that they are also obligated to deal respectfully with you and where that obligation is not met, you retain the right to cease dealing with that client. This may be difficult if you need the money they provide, but the ability to locate other paying clients makes your position stronger than it would be in a traditional organization.

  • Near unlimited jobs
  • The demand for freelance writing is quite high. Once your work is of a high enough quality, clients will want your writing frequently and will most likely present you with more jobs than you can complete on your own. This means that you can make considerable amounts of money once you prove your worth.

  • Potential for advancement
  • As a freelance writer, your skills increase with every job you successfully complete and you can reach a level of skill that attracts better and better paying jobs if you advertise yourself well. You are therefore limited in your advancement by your own ambition alone.

There is much to be gained from a career in writing and freelancing is one of the best ways to get started. Whether or not you eventually get into novel writing or blogging full time, this can be a profitable way to get practice and feedback on your writing.


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