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How To Find Freelance Writing Jobs For Beginners: 5 Basic Rules

It should be comforting to learn that nobody ever began a career in whatever field with any sort of experience. We all begin without any experience, and the same case applies to freelance writing. This brings us to the big question. How can I find a freelance writing job without any experience? Well, with a few tips, you can always find a freelance writing job. Here is how you can succeed to start earning a reliable income through writing without any prior experience.

  • Learn how to write first
  • Since the major setback to becoming a freelance writer is lack of experience, you’d better start writing. Open your word processor and start writing anything for yourself. If you just sit down and wait for a job to find you, this will never happen. You should just start writing without any expectations for monetary returns for your work.

    You can begin by registering a blog for free if you are not able or willing to invest in a custom domain name. There are several free blog platforms you could exploit. Don’t forget to include information that introduces you as a freelancer in your blog. This will enable potential employers or clients who come across the blog to know you are available for work. Your blog will also act as a sample of your writing skills and active writing habits.

  • Spread word about yourself
  • Spreading the word about your existence in the freelance writing arena is necessary in the field of freelancing. Take advantage of social media to get the word out there. Although it might take a bit of time to get accustomed to the beauty of social media, you can never underestimate or ignore its potential.

  • Start networking
  • Take advantage of the internet to make friends, get referrals, find clients and ultimately get jobs. If you make good use of your social media accounts, you can benefit from making personal connections with key followers in the freelance hiring and writing field. You can also consider making comments on other freelancing blogs and also try to write a couple of free articles for sites or blogs in order to build a rapport with the owners. Become active in writing communities and forums. These are the best avenues to socialize and participate in places where you can find opportunities as well as meet people who will give you jobs. Once you land your first job, make sure you do a perfect job and the rest will just fall in place.


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