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Freelance Writers’ Jobs: 5 Skills You Need To Obtain To Get Hired

Freelance writers seeking jobs will need to bring their skills to the table to show they want the job. Aside from good writing samples and exceptional work history, you need to have skills potential clients will expect you have that may not be outlined in your resume. Not only do you want to get hired you want to be successful as a freelance writer so you can continue to get hired and noticed. Such traits can help make or break your chances of getting ongoing work. The following 5 skills are essential for any freelance writer’s jobs you apply for.

  1. Basic proofreading and editing abilities. A large number of clients may be ready to use the work you produce upon completion. Some may not be as skilled in proofreading and editing, but expect you to have some basic knowledge. This is important as you want to show your understanding of the subject matter, while ensuring reading audiences will get the message loud and clear.

  2. Research and writing. Freelance writers should be willing to complete jobs and projects requiring research and writing. A large amount of projects and jobs will require this; even if you have niches you specialize in. This aspect is important as it helps writers create interesting content for readers, while providing in-depth information crucial to the subject matter.

  3. Good communication skills. Freelance writers will do a large portion of their communication via online and by phone. You need good listening and reading skills to show you understand how to meet the needs of clients and readers. Strong oral and writing skills are valuable assets to many clients. Because many writers work in home settings, their communication skills should be sharper as long as they are focused on the task.

  4. Discipline and self-motivation. There will be times writers will have plenty of work and the pressure will be on. Even if you are not getting much in the form of jobs or projects, you still need to remain focused and ready. Have a schedule to stick to each day and look for ways to encourage yourself when times get tough, especially when you get exhausted.

  5. Be able to push beyond rejection. You will apply for many writing jobs and you will not get hired for all of them. Some writers experience dry spells that last longer than expected, but know things will change when you keep trying.

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