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Guides For Freelancers: Where To Find And How To Get A Writing Online Job

Working from home as a writer is the dream of many people. When you’re lucky enough to be a part time or full time freelancer, you might not realize how hard it can sometimes be to find work. Looking online isn’t always enough, and finding writing jobs is especially difficult when you’re first starting out. Finding work as a freelance writer can be done if you know where to look, how to present your skills, and what you really want out of these kinds of jobs. Here are some tips you can use as a guide when finding work.

  • Broaden your search. If the freelance website you are a part of has different categories to search for jobs, then use one that you don’t normally write in. that being said, make sure you have the skills necessary; don’t just change from press release writing to copywriting if you’ve never done any copywriting before

  • Look for jobs that might not pay as much as you’d like, but that would be good for building your reputation and getting some experience. Think of it as a paid internship; once you get more feedback and clients know they can trust your level of work, you’ll find better jobs.

  • Go to another online writing site: there are plenty that you can sign up at to meet different types of clients. There’s nothing against the rules about working on a few sites at once, since you are still working for yourself, and just being hired out for a job at a time.

Guide to Freelance Writing Online

Something else you should know if you want to do freelance work is that you have to be motivated. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing this part time, full time, or just once in a while; you need to be able to work without something telling you what to do. In most office jobs, you’ll be supervised, but at home you’ll have to have your own reasons for getting to work and making sure the writing is done.

Just because you’re at home doesn’t meant that you can relax all day, or spend time with friends instead of working. There will be time for both those things, but your freelance work has to take priority. If you want to make any decent money with online writing, that’s the most important thing.


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