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A few words about freelance jobs from home

There are many benefits about working as a freelance writer from home. The fact that countless thousands possibly even millions of people do this type of work suggests that it is not only possible but also very profitable. Let's think about the logistics of the situation.

  • There is no travel involved.
  • There is no work costume or uniform involved.
  • Communication is a very simple operation.
  • Working hours can pretty much suit the writer.
  • Income varies but depends on your abilities.

You do not have to look very far every morning and afternoon in the peak hour to see how people travelling to and from work can get pretty fed up with the situation. If they are driving to work they can be stuck in a gridlock situation and quietly fuming while their car sits and idles. If they have to catch public transport and it is overcrowded or late, again you can see the frustration and disappointment on the face of the traveller. But with a freelance writing job working from home, that situation does not occur.

So not only do you avoid the frustration of getting to and from work, you don't have to pay for a car or public transport. Your office is in your home. This is a big benefit.

Then with so many jobs you are required to dress the part. There may be an official uniform or an unofficial dress code but you are required to wear clothing or uniform according to the requirements of your job. Again this does not apply when you work as a freelance writer working at home. Casual dress day happens every day.

If you have to communicate with your employer or clients then to do so is a cinch. Sending emails and finished work is an immediate and easy operation. The world of digital communication has made life so much easier.

When you are a freelance writer working from home there are no start and finish times. If you wish to work at an odd hour during the night or on the weekend or public holiday, then that's what you can do. You are your own boss when it comes to working hours.

Now of course there are other conditions associated with a freelance writer working from home and one of them is the amount of money you make. If you don't get the work then obviously you don't get any money. But if you do get work and the pay is poor, then again you're not making all that much. But leaving aside these possible disappointing aspects of your working life, there are millions of people who would tell you it's a great way to do business.


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