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Professional Advice On How To Get Paid For Writing Reviews

If you have a flair for writing and plan on using it, there are several avenues for you to be able to use this skill to make some money. You should, however, be prepared that there is a lot of competition in the writing industry, as more people are warming to the idea of working from home with freelance writing jobs instead of looking for full-time corporate ones. You might end up working in one of those essay writing companies.

Some advice on getting you started

  • As mentioned before, there is a lot of competition in the industry, and you should be prepared not to make a huge lot of money when you are just starting off. Being patient and working hard is key.
  • To start getting paid to write reviews and similar articles, you should try signing up as a freelancer with online websites that offer these services.
  • A quick search on the internet will reveal to you the number of websites and forums that offer the opportunity to freelancers who want to make some money from small-time writing projects. These are the best chance for you to kick start your work in this industry and it will allow you to gain some practice writing reviews and you can also earn some money.
  • You should have a good profile if you want to be hired quickly. The best way to create such a writing profile is by also crafting a writing portfolio to display on these websites. You can use some of the pieces you have already written and published (and have been attributed to you) or you can even use previously unpublished new written work.
  • Ideally, the pieces that you use as a part of your portfolio to attract writing jobs should display your style, voice and the niche that you are an expert at. For instance, if you want to write food reviews, you write up some great restaurant reviews and display them on your portfolio. This way potential employers will have a good idea of your standard of work.
  • It is always advisable to become a part of these freelance websites first when you are just entering the online review writing industry - so that you become aware of industry practices etc.

Finally, as discussed you should have an attractive portfolio and keep a constant look out for review writing jobs on these websites - this way you can apply for them on time and start a chance of earning money soon.


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