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Best freelance writing jobs for college students online

College students seem to always be on the hunt for easy ways to make a little extra money. Freelance writing is a great way for a busy college student to earn some cash. Freelance writing can be done from the comfort of a dorm room, a coffee shop, or a quiet library carrel. At any moment of the day or night, there are thousands of freelance writing jobs available for people who can dedicated themselves to getting them finished. These are some of the most enjoyable freelance writing jobs for students:

  • Product descriptions: Online stores are often looking for freelancers to write product descriptions. These are usually short writing pieces - often under 50 words per description - and they are quite easy to do. In most cases the stores already have information available so writers only need to put that information into a readable format so shoppers can learn about products before they buy them.

  • Blog posts: Blogs are some of the easiest freelancing jobs available today. Blog posts do not have to have the same formal writing style as essays and research papers, so students who enjoy writing in a conversational style will enjoy blog writing. Plus, blog topics are usually about interesting subjects because they are designed for people to actually read and enjoy them.

  • Content articles: Depending on the client, content articles can be quick and easy to write or long and challenging. The challenging pieces are the ones that need to be researched and cited so the owner of the site knows exactly where the information came from. The quick and easy pieces simply need to be written about a given topic to fill a website. The quick and easy pieces can be written in under 15 minutes, which means that students could make pretty good money working for a few hours each day writing for articles.

  • Academic writing: This style of writing is only for the dedicated student who really loves to write academic essays, term papers, and research papers. Students who do not want to do their own writing will turn to freelance sites to hire writers, like other college students, who enjoy writing essays. If you do not like to write essays, but prefer something more creative, then you should avoid this style of freelancing. The other options offer more in the way of creativity and everything that academic writing does not represent.

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