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What Are Basic Freelance Writer's Obligations?

If you are thinking of becoming a freelancer technical writer, you should probably familiarize yourself with the basic writer’s obligations first.

  1. You have an obligation the same as anyone, to complete your work on time. Many freelance writers, or those aspiring to be one, forget that freelance work, especially full time work, is still work. Just because you are not driving to an office each morning, and being dragged into monotonous staff meetings in the afternoons does not mean you don’t have to put forth effort. The difference is that you have the freedom and opportunity to be flexible about when you work… within reason. You can choose to sleep in and get your work done in the afternoon. You can get up early and do your work before you head off for a day at the spa. You can break up your work and get some done after dinner, some while you are waiting to pick someone up from school, and some in the morning. This flexibility is a great thing. It enables you to be more productive than you would in an office setting because if you are not feeling creative at that moment, you can put the job on pause and go exercise until you are hit with a burst of creativity.

  2. However, if you make a commitment to a client and say that you are going to submit something by COB on Thursday, you need to do just that. Your word is important. Just because you cannot see the client face to face does not mean you should take the job any less seriously. If you are expected to complete a project by COB Thursday and you wake up Thursday morning with an invite to lunch, you should probably give them a rain check and ensure you make your deadline, or suggest that you meet for dinner after your deadline.

  3. You also have an obligation to do what is expected of you. Don’t try to cheat or cut corners by not reading over requirements, demanding pay before work is done, or submitting excuses for delays. You still have to complete work to the highest expectations regardless of whether a boss is standing over your shoulder. This also means you shouldn’t take advantage of clients. If you complete a project in only two hours, but you agreed to four, don’t lie to the client and submit a timesheet for four. Be honest about it only taking two.

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