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How to Become a Freelance Writer in One Month 

What is a Freelance Writer?

Freelance writers are self-employed writers who work on commission basis, hourly basis, or per completed assignment.  A freelance writer does work for several publications whether newspapers, magazines, online papers, and online websites.  Freelance writers make their own hours, work at their own pace, and normally work from home.  Freelance writers will do very well if they are diverse in their writing and this leads to more paid work. 

The benefits of being a freelance writer:

  • It is not a 9 to 5 job.
  • There is freedom to choose who one works for.
  • Do not have daily commute to and from work.
  • Can take a holiday or vacation at any time.
  • Choose your own hours of working.
  • It is a fun and enjoyable job to do.

How to become a freelance writer in one month?

Here are a few tips of becoming a freelance writer:

  • Take a course offered by a professional writer on how to become a freelance writer. It may cost a fee, but it will be worth the money.
  • Start by doing it for fun and then start looking for paid work.
  • Start by writing a weekly blog on one’s own blog site or write free articles for one’s local community newspaper.  This will help you create a presence on social media sites as a blogger.
  • Ensure that you are a good writer.
  • Be able to be flexible in your writing style and should be able to write on different subject matters.
  • Decide whether or not you want to make a career out of freelance writing, supplement your income, or do it for fun.
  • Use your educational background and job experience to support your writing expertise.
  • Never be afraid to communicate one’s ideas in writing.
  • Create your passion for writing into a career as a freelance writer.
  • Always be ready to work alone as a freelance writer and never be afraid to reach out to others for support.
  • As a freelance writer must learn to manage your time and have good money management skills.
  • Always ensure to set realistic goals and do not quit your day job until you are able to make a living as freelance writer.

Other Tips on Becoming a Freelance Writer:

Here are a few more tips on becoming a freelance writer in a month:

  • Be dedicated to writing.
  • Be willing to invest the time, energy, and money in becoming a freelance writer.
  • Live out your dreams and passion as a writer and make a living from it.

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