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How To Find Well-Paid Internet Freelance Writing Jobs Without Effort

Freelance writing job may appear effortless from a distance, but it actually requires more effort than most jobs. You need effort to get jobs and more effort to maintain and complete them. You also continuously need to update your knowledge on the touched genre so that you remain ahead of your competition.

Yet, there are a few schematic ways to get well-paid freelance jobs without shedding too much of a sweat. Here they are –

  • Ask freelancer friends to refer you – It helps if you have certain freelancer friends who can refer you. The client will take you on their reference and also pay you handsomely. Of course, he will expect a certain standard of work from you and you cannot play games on that quotient. Yet, by this way, you will not find much difficulty in getting lucrative jobs.
  • Learn languages – You should learn French and Spanish. While this takes effort, this will help you in general life as well; not only for your freelance activities. You will find floodgates of lucrative offers opening if you know English, French and Spanish.
  • Ask employers to give you star ratings – You have been working for clients as a freelancer. Request them to give you 5 star ratings even at the cost of doing work for them at a nominal rate. Clients get impressed when they find that you have been given good ratings by 2 or more clients.
  • Pose as a technical expert – It helps if you can write research articles, technical articles or business plans. Even if you are not a magician at them, labor and learn the nuances. These jobs are easier to get (since there is less competition) and are generally well-paying.
  • Bring up your creative forte – You can also pose as a music writer or a short story wizard. Of course, you should make that promise only if you own a germ of creation and inclination towards the standpoints. These again are easily attained jobs and run for long if you can do justice to the mettle with substance.
  • Give them the lure – You can lure well-paying clients with offers like doing the first three articles for free, or doing product descriptions for affiliate marketing at nominal prices. Soon, you should attempt to impress them so that they naturally allow you to come to your desired rates.

Remember that whatever job you seek or take; you cannot bypass diligence and labor.


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