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Education freelance writing jobs: what will you do?

As an education freelance writer you have many opportunities at your disposal. The field of education is vast as are the writing opportunities.

  • Consider a new education PR firm. They might have a need for educational freelance writers to write press releases and social media content to use in a new campaign.
  • A new school or non-profit educational program might require legal documents drafted for their non-profit status. They might need by-laws or a business plan. The might require educational freelance writers to create a new marketing plan with updates every year.
  • A new online university might need educational freelance writers to write web content for their core pages. They might need content drafted for their non-disclosure agreements signed by every new writer or employee.
  • A tutoring company might need educational freelance writers to draft their agreements or their standard contracts to be submitted to every new client.
  • An online university might require an educational freelance writer to create course content including lectures and tests and sample essays.
  • An ESL company might need educational freelance writers to draft different sample essays to be distributed as a sample writing piece for all of their ESL courses.

You can write all manner of content in myriad of categories including:

  • Legal
  • Finance and management
  • Engineering and manufacturing
  • Administrative support
  • Sales and marketing
  • Writing
  • Design and multimedia
  • IT and programming

You can change your focus so that you write on one or more of the following sub-categories exclusively:

  • Article writing
  • Web content
  • eBooks
  • blogs
  • translations
  • copywriting
  • creative writing
  • ghost writing
  • editing and proofreading
  • technical writing
  • academic writing
  • resumes and cover letters
  • sales writing
  • grant writing
  • press releases
  • and more

You can also take a test in a subcategory to show what skill level you have. You might test in any of the following categories and display the results on your profile:

  • English sentence structure abilities
  • English spelling abilities
  • English vocabulary abilities
  • English for business abilities
  • Ghostwriting abilities
  • Grant writing abilities
  • Journalism abilities
  • Medical transcription abilities
  • Microsoft word abilities
  • Press release abilities
  • Report writing abilities
  • Resume writing abilities
  • Technical writing abilities
  • U.S. English proofreading abilities

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