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Freelance Content Writer Required: How To Get A Permanent Job?

As a result of the recent turbulent times in the global economy, more and more people are looking to carry out freelance work, with content writing being particularly popular. With a high level of competition involved in the industry, it can be difficult to know where to begin in order to get a permanent job.

In reality, the chances of getting a permanent, full-time job are not that high. Instead, it can be better to look for individual clients that may be worked with either on a one-time basis or ideally as a regular source of work. So, although the work my not technically be permanent, it could well be a long-term arrangement.

Freelancing websites

There are numerous freelancing websites available on the Internet that are aimed at potential content writers, as well as those in a wide variety of other professions, such as web design and programming. For those that are new to using such websites, it can at times feel like a bit of a lottery; equally, with some of the clients looking to get work done for the minimal amount of money possible, choosing who to work for and what jobs to complete is important for long-term success.

Discovering new clients

Whilst many people enjoy the comfort of these of freelancing websites, others choose to look for clients privately. Some writers may choose to look for magazines or local newspapers and will approach them about writing articles, whilst others look for big companies and clients that need content written for websites, brochures and a wide variety of other purposes. Whilst landing these clients isn’t as easy as finding them through freelancing websites, for writers that have the talent and skills, they can often prove to be far more lucrative.

Classifieds and job listings

Whilst a lot of writing work is found on a freelance basis and often without any advertising, there are still some content writing jobs available through various classified job listings, which can be found on various websites, as well as in local or major newspapers and publications.

Never stop writing

One final tip is to never stop writing. Even if you are not working on something at that moment in time, by writing your own blog, or even simply a diary or daily journal, you can help to keep your writing skills as sharp as possible. Like many things in life, writing can often get easier with practice, so it is always important to maintain and improve your skills in order to give you a better chance of getting a permanent job.


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