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Finding Writing Jobs Online - How To Get Better Wages

There is no doubt about the number of writing jobs online; there are thousands of new jobs every day. But that is not the issue discussed in this article. Here we are looking at the rate of pay for online writing jobs.

The first thing we can say is a general rule about all forms of online employment. There are some jobs which pay very well. There are some jobs which pay very poorly. There are many jobs in between those two rates of pay. The assumption here is that you are able to get work but that you would like to get more pay for the work you get. How can you make that happen?

  • Look for alternative sources of work.
  • Gain valuable experience and expertise.
  • Market yourself better.
  • Know what your competitors are being paid.
  • Make your skills highly attractive to employers.

Just as there are thousands of online writing jobs every day, there are dozens of websites which offer these jobs. By restricting yourself to one or a few of the websites which offer work, you give yourself less opportunity to improve your wages.

When you can spend time looking for work and producing the work you receive, you should also spend time on improving your experience and expertise. Many online writing companies offer in-house qualifications. The better your qualifications and the better your CV, the better your chance of getting better wages.

You might be a very talented writer but unless you can market yourself and tell the world of employers that you have the skills that you have, the chances of you getting better wages are low. Learn how to market yourself better.

In some cases, provided you take out a certain type of membership, you are able to find out what your competitors receive as far as wages are concerned. You're not going to be able to pitch your bids and press for better wages unless you have the full picture. If you can discover what your competitors are being paid you will be in a better position to work towards getting an improved fee.

Perhaps the ideal way to get better wages from your online writing jobs is to make your skills so attractive to employers that they will willingly pay over the odds just to get your talent. To do that you need to have the talent in the first place and then you need to be able to sell yourself. Become a salesperson selling your skills which will bring many benefits to employers.


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