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How To Find Well-Paid Freelance Technical Writing Jobs

Technical writing jobs are in demand and there are simply not enough freelancers with the talent base to get these jobs finished. Most technical writing jobs focus on writing for specific industries like electronics and technology, finance, and medicine. Clients looking for writers usually want to hire men and women who have experience or education in those fields. Without experience or education, writers need to learn any entirely new vocabulary to write quality pieces. If you are looking for well-paid technical writing jobs as a freelancer, here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Develop a niche industry. If you want to work in the technical writing niche, you need your own. In order to develop a niche, you need to learn the lingo and write pieces that showcase your knowledge. The pieces you write do not have to be for any clients at all, but they need to look like they are. Your clients will want to see that you are fluent in their specialized terminology, so be ready to prove it.
  2. Work in an industry you know. If you already have a job in a specific industry that need technical writers, then you already have an in for specific jobs. Some freelance writers do not share their regular jobs because they fear clients will not choose them because they are too busy at work all day. In the technical writing niche, clients want writers with experience so do not be afraid to tout what you already know.
  3. Apply. Apply. Apply. The only way to get hired for any freelance writing position is to apply for it. If you do not apply, you cannot get hired. You never know what a client is going to do and you just might be the only person who applied. There is nothing wrong with applying for freelancing gigs, even if you think you do not have a chance - you just might!
  4. Keep your prices realistic. Clients who are looking for technical writers are willing to pay more for top skills. If you set your prices too low, then the potential client might think you are not sure of your skills. Make your prices similar to other writers who are trying to earn the job, or set them to the instructions in the job description. Show that you believe in your abilities and that you can read instructions.

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