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5 Main Advantages Of Starting A Freelance Copywriting Business

If you are considering the world of freelance writing you might want to start a freelance copywriting business. There are many advantages to starting a business.

  1. The first advantage is tax benefits. If you start a business and you register it as an LLC and not just a personal company under your name, you reap many tax benefits. In the worst cases, if you work as an individual copywriter, and your business completely fails and a company sues you and you lose everything, they can take all of your personal resources and financial games as well. They can take your personal house and your personal life savings. But if you are registered as an LLC and the same worst-case scenario takes place the only thing they can take from you are the company assets and not your personal assets therefore having a business even if you were only working as yourself, can save you from losing all of your personal assets in a dire situation. It also saves you want taxes. While I can be a bit complicated at first and there are fees to register each and every year, in the long run it is much more beneficial for you because of the money you can save.
  2. The second benefit is that some people prefer to work with companies rather than individuals. There are many clients who like to work with the company even if that company only contains one individual.
  3. The third benefit is that you can communicate as a company. Some people will try taking advantage of individuals in the freelance world. They might behave better when working with a business rather than an individual this may be sad but it is the unfortunate truth and if you are working as a company and you simply say that you were out of the office for the weekend and will respond on a Monday, people will listen and except this. But if you say that you are an individual writer and you were gone for the weekend people don't understand why you didn't respond anyway.
  4. The fourth advantage is that you can present yourself as an authentic and legitimate business rather than just a writer. When people ask what you do for a living and you say that you are writer, they might scoff or ask if you do a fashion blog like famous characters and television shows. But with an actual business this issue never comes up
  5. The final benefit is that you get to work for yourself and everybody loves this.

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