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Great Tips To Increase Your Freelance Writer's Income

Freelance writing is fun for those who enjoy writing on their own schedule, and who succeed in earning a regular income from it. For the rest of the freelancers it can get quite frustrating. No one wants to spend hours of his or her time, and not all his or her mental energy on writing something that pays much. Considering that everything is bought and sold, your skill is also sold in the market. You deserve a fair price for your wares!

So, what can you do to increase your income?

  1. Think quantity vs. quality: At the start of your career, you are likely to get very low paying jobs, especially if you are freelancing on the Internet. Swallow your pride and keep writing. After building a portfolio and a presence, you can bid for better jobs. A good freelance writing job will pay you well for your time and effort.

  2. Write well: it does not matter what the job is. You have agreed to write for a client, give your best to the job. The quality of your writing speaks volumes for itself. There is no substitute for originality and quality.

  3. Think out of the box: Think about all the avenues that you can explore looking for a writing job. Every company in the world needs written material in one form or another. Manufacturers need user manuals, Video game makers need scriptwriters and copywriters, prominent people e.g. celebrities need ghostwriters, software houses need technical writers, and websites need content writers. Do some brainstorming and do not hesitate in approaching potential clients with proposals.

  4. Send proposals: Write a short but impressive query letter to a magazine you have an idea for. Write concise proposals to potential clients and tell them what you understand about them and what you can do for them. Show them how your work can be valuable for them.

  5. Specialize: Try writing about the things you know best. Writing about everything under the sun is all right but clients look for people who are experienced in one area. You can choose more than one specialty but do not spread yourself too thin. If you have credentials in a subject or profession, use them!

Your freelance career can be rewarding if you can be patient and make your path wisely. Reading about blogging and freelance writing can be the best investment of your time when you are new in the field and are learning the ropes.


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