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Is it possible to find freelance creative writing jobs online?

What is freelancing?

Freelancing is the act of engaging in unique jobs that pay you on hourly or daily basis rather than the usual regular payment cycle of a month. Freelancers can be writers, graphic designers, journalists who rather than sticking to one employer and one job, prefer to roam around and perform their jobs as per their convenience. They can perform more than one job at a time, and work for more than one employer or company at a time.

Recently online freelancing has become a very popular trend amongst the young adults and teens who want to earn money and support themselves financially. There are generally two kinds of freelancing jobs:

  • Ones that pay you
  • Ones that don’t

While some people use this as an outlet to polish their creative skills and polish their literary capabilities, mostly people want to earn easy money that doesn’t require much physical effort. To entertain both such an audience there are thousands of creative jobs waiting for them over the internet, most of them willing to pay as per their need. However you need to be careful while choosing your employer over the internet, for there are many frauds out there waiting just to prey on your creative and intellectual capabilities.

Different kinds of online creative jobs:

  • Content Writing and Translation
  • IT and web development
  • Graphic Designing
  • Marketing and sales promotion
  • Legal consultancy

There is a big demand out there for writers and these jobs include varying tasks such as:

  • Creating promotional web content for a startup
  • Writing academic articles for knowledge portals
  • Writing research papers for college and university students
  • Translating articles and books from one language to another,
  • Proofreading manuscripts and books for published authors
  • Web blogging
  • Recreational writing for magazines and newspapers

Considering you’re well acquainted with how to acquire online jobs, finding creative jobs with reliable employers can be very tricky. There are so many employers and job seekers out there. Neither one of them has the time or the luxury to spend days going through all the resumes and hire the right people. You need to be very quick and responsive, for most of the jobs that appear online aren’t massively advertised. So if you’re really ambitious and super creative you’ll know where to find the right kind of job postings and how to make an impression on those hiring freelancers.


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