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Finding websites offering freelance health writing jobs

Doing searches will find a lot of places to find different writing jobs. The trick will be finding a way to address your search to find the specific type you are looking for.

  1. Knowing how to use a search engine
  2. Targeting your field
  3. Finding reliable sites
  4. Listing yourself
  • Knowing how to use a search engine
  • Most everyone knows what a search engine is, but not everyone knows how to use them. First knowing what type of search engine are you using? Is it a general, a Metasearch, or a Subject directory? The most common students and people use are the general types, as they are the most common and easiest to use. Then comes the Metasearch. The next easiest, followed by the Subject directory, which vary from one to the next. But with the first two using; “a+b+c” will give you the best results. So for general search of health writing jobs; “health+writing+jobs” will find what you are looking for.

  • Targeting your field
  • Now that you know how to use the more common sites, targeting is just as easy. Just add in a new subject. If you are specialized in Mental Health, then you might try; “mental+health+writing+jobs”. This will give you a listing of places you can find writing jobs in the mental health field. You can add in whatever you feel you are best suited for.

  • Finding reliable sites
  • Now you are going to find both Freelance warehouses, which might be a good, and separate jobs. You will find where companies have listed outside the warehouses for a freelancer to write some pieces for them. Warehouses are sites where many freelancers of different skill sets operate out of. These places offer something to both the freelancer and the client.

    Freelancers do not have to worry if the clients payment will clear, because the warehouse handles that for the freelancer. The Client knows they will get a person to get their work done right, and paid only after the finished product is received.

  • Listing yourself
  • Listing yourself is another issue you need to take serious. Be sure to put down your skills and what you have done. Let the prospective clients know that you are reliable, and that you know what you are talking about. Never say you can do something you cannot. List where you are best, and good at. Let them know of your education and what work experiences you have. And set up your rules, as for big jobs you should take a certain amount in advance, because they will take you a long time to do.


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