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Who Usually Hires Freelance Writers

If you are wondering who usually hires freelance writers then keep reading…

There are many people who hire freelance writers for all manner of jobs.

  1. Large companies might hire a freelance writer because they have a small and short term project they need completed. Perhaps they do not want to go through human resources to try and find a worthy applicant just for a few weeks when they could easily hire someone within a day online.

  2. Small companies may not be able to afford a full time staffer to handle updates for social networking pages and the company blog but they might still want something new to post each week. That being said they can turn to a freelance writer and hire them to provide a weekly blog post and a weekly update for the social networks. The company gets to pay the freelancer by the article or by the word and they don’t have to struggle over the full time staffer who doesn’t have much to do for the rest of the week.

  3. New companies will hire freelance writers to help them get a leg up. Many entrepreneurs and new business owners do not have the resources or money to hire a full staff yet because they are so new. Their idea may just be taking flight and perhaps they are looking for someone to write a grant proposal or a business plan so that they can get some money in order to hire people full time. In this instance they may not have the time or expertise to do that one task themselves and so they will pay a freelance writer to do it for them.

There are students who might hire a freelance writer to help them finish a project or complete an essay. There are individuals who hire freelance writers to craft a special poem for their loved ones or to catalogue their personal story in the form of an eBook. There are some companies who have a new product coming out and lack the expertise to carefully craft the media campaign needed to showcase the new product or service and so they hire a freelance writer. There are companies that need to hire new part time employees or full time employees and they look to a freelancer for that flexibility. All in all there is no limit to the type of people who hire freelance writers.


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