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Freelance Online Writing Jobs: Common Pros and Cons

Freelancing is when you work for yourself and offer your services to clients on contract-based work. You do not have to go to a regular 9-5 job and you simply work by sitting at your home or small setup that you have made for yourself. You do not have to worry about the profits going to someone else because you are working for yourself. If you want to be a successful freelance writer there are a few things you must know to be able to evaluate your decision. Find out the pros and cons of freelance writing below

Benefits of freelance writing jobs

Freelance writing can benefit you in many ways. Some of them are listed below

  • Sit at home
  • The top advantage of freelancing is that you do not have to go to an office or workplace physically. This saves you the hassle of getting up on time, leaving your house unattended, missing important occasions etc. Moreover, you do not need to get dressed everyday and worry about ironing new clothes and finding matching accessories

  • Decide your own work hours
  • You have the freedom to sleep when you want to, eat on your own breaks, attend your kids and do whatever you feel like doing. You do not even have to work for straight 8-9 hours. You can work for 3 hours and go do your household tasks. You can create your own timetable

  • No boss to put up with
  • The biggest advantage of working as a freelance writer is that you do not have a boss to put up with. There will be no one to poke his nose in your work process and ask you how you are going to manage all that is due. This is simply amazing to be your own boss

  • Get paid for what you deserve
  • You do not need to worry about someone else earning profits from your efforts. You will be the sole earner for your efforts. You can choose how much you want to earn and simply get recognition for your dedicated efforts. It is a great way to keep you motivated

  • Global exposure
  • You get to work with clients from across the world. This increases your exposure and knowledge

Cons of freelance writing

Apart from numerous advantages, there are a few drawbacks of freelance writing. You need to be careful with

  • Reliability
  • Take and run clients
  • Increasing competition
  • Communication gap

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