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What It Takes To Become A Successful Freelance Part-Time Grant Writer

As a grant writer, you will be required to create proposals and present them to companies, usually seeking research funding for various projects, on behalf of different agencies and organizations. Here are 7 tips that will assist anyone in pursuit of becoming a freelance part-time grant writer:

  1. Have a good base of literary skills
  2. As a writer of any sort one will need to possess strong English diction skills. Take some time to educate yourself in English language practices either by re-attending a school program or by completing one of many free courses available online. Acquire any literary skills you can, there is no such thing as too many literary capabilities.

  3. Learn about grant writing
  4. Grant writing is very specific in that its purpose is mainly to gain support and favor of targeted companies in order to acquire funding. There are many key points that these companies look for including authenticity of the claim made in the proposal as well as the capability of the team to carry out that which they propose. A well constructed proposal will undeniably convince the reader of these facts and more.

  5. Gain experience in common practices
  6. It will be helpful to you to study past grants that have been successful, as well as unsuccessful ones. Make the effort to locate and study some of these, they may contain valuable information which can help you create a successful one yourself. It is also necessary to research each proposal type to give yourself a more in dept understanding of your topic.

  7. Create a portfolio
  8. As a freelancer of any type, you will be scrutinized by potential employers before they hire you and their only means of doing this is via your online profile. Take some time to create an excellent profile on whichever hosting site you are affiliated with. Be sure to include samples of your past work in this profile, especially examples demonstrating your capabilities as a grant proposal writer.

  9. Register with different freelance hosting sites
  10. You are seeking a very specific job type, it will be wise to search out many different avenues to acquire a steady supply of these jobs. There exist many hosting sites and all that is required to find them is a simple web search. Be careful not to violate any possible terms or conditions stated by your current hosting site that may disallow a user registering with multiple companies.


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