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10 Great Tips On How To Get A Job Writing Jingles As A Freelancer

There are many different writing jobs available to individuals who wish to work independently and in a self-employed matter. For example, you may wish to try and earn money by writing jingles. If this is the case, then the following 10 tips should help you to increase your chances of finding work.

  1. Studying jingles that other people have written to give you a good idea of what works
  2. It is important that you know what you’re doing and, therefore, it can be beneficial to study jingles that other people have written, as this will help to not only give you some inspiration, but also give you a good understanding of what does and doesn’t work.

  3. Putting together a portfolio of any jingles that you have already written
  4. If you have written any jingles in the past then it is a good idea to put together a portfolio of your work, which you can then provide to clients when applying for jobs.

  5. Starting a blog or website to showcase your talent
  6. A great way of showcasing your talent is by starting a blog or website. You can then direct clients to the blog or website. Furthermore, it is a good idea to leave contact information on the website, in case anyone stumbles across your work by themselves.

  7. Starting various social media accounts
  8. As well as starting a blog or website, it is good idea to try and develop an online presence by starting various social media accounts.

  9. Looking for work on freelance websites
  10. When it comes to actually looking for work, one of the best places to start searching for jobs is on freelance websites, which can be found using any major search engine.

  11. Creating a profile page
  12. If you do sign up with any of these websites then it is a good idea to create a profile page, and if possible, you should include your own personal jingle.

  13. Looking for clients privately
  14. As well as looking for clients on relevant websites, you might find it easier to try and source and privately instead.

  15. Identifying what the client needs
  16. In order to increase your chances of winning work, it is important that you identify what the client actually needs, so that you can demonstrate that you will be up to help.

  17. Writing a good proposal
  18. A good proposal will make the client want to hire you, by giving them confidence that you can do the work. Don’t simply list all your achievements, but focus on how you can help the client instead.

  19. Keeping in contact with old clients
  20. If you do get any jobs then it is a good idea to try and keep in contact with old clients, just in case they need any work doing in the future.


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