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Online Freelance Writing Opportunities: Where to Find Your First Job

Writing doesn’t come easy for everyone, but for those who have mastered the craft there are plenty of great opportunities found in freelancing. If you are one of the lucky few who can turn a great phrase and write exceptionally, then here’s where to find your first job in online freelance writing:

  • Create your own website/profile: There is no better way to exploit your talents and skills than by advertising them exactly the way you want on your own website. Nowadays, designing and maintaining a personal website is quite simple, and the cost of having your own site is quite low. On your own site you will have the opportunity to build your profile and display your skills as you see fit. You can have samples or whole pieces of your writing to attract potential clients. Add a few links to some social media sites and your work will be viewed by hundreds in no time.

  • Join a freelancing website: One of the most effective ways to develop online presence while opening yourself up to a wealth of writing possibilities is to join one of the many credible online freelancing websites to pair you with clients from all over the world. Writing is a specialized skill and most business can’t afford to keep a writer on staff. Freelance websites allow clients to post their writing assignments online for dozens of qualified writers to submit proposals for. It’s seen as an effective and cost-efficient way to match skill with need.

  • Use social media: Social media networking has become an excellent tool for spreading messages to vast numbers of people with just a few simple clicks. More freelance writers are turning to professional profile pages to post their resumes, credentials, samples and more. Anyone can view these pages, and the use of SEO and keyword choices have improved interested clients’ chances of finding your page with a simple search for your qualifications. Further linking to past clients or businesses you’ve worked with will help build your online reputation.

  • Find opportunities in classifieds: Like freelancing websites, online classifieds is a great place to find individual clients who are in need of a single or string of projects that require the specialized skills of a writer. Everything from resume writing to blog writing to report writing jobs can be found in online classifieds. Freelancers can pick and choose the jobs they want, either filling their schedules to make writing a full-time job or as little to allow them to enjoy other things in life.

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