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How To Find Magazines Looking For Freelance Writers

There is no time like the present to become a freelance writer. With plenty of job opportunities, good writers will never run out of work. From online writing to magazine writing, freelance writers can keep busy and write about interesting topics. While the majority of freelance work is for online sources and is rather easy to find, there are print publications that are always hunting for good writers who can spin a phrase. The only problem with writing for print publications is finding the opportunities.

Visit the Magazines and Check the Professional Opportunities

When you are ready to start looking for magazine work, the best places to look are at the magazines’ websites. They will usually list job opportunities and tips for freelancers to get their pieces onto the pages. Earning space on a magazine page is challenging, especially since most magazines want to hire writers who are recognizable experts in their field. But, since many new start-up magazines do not have the money to pay the experts, they are often looking for good freelancers who are trying to get in on the ground floor.

Start with the Small Magazines

Your search for magazine space should begin with small, independently published magazines. They might not have the readership of the big publishers, but they are more likely to hire a newby freelancer. Before you submit your ideas, you should build a portfolio of your best work and make sure that you send pieces that fit with the content of the magazine. For example, if you are going to submit a piece for a liberal political magazine, you will not want to send a piece that defends a conservative idea.

Attend Trade Shows and Other Events

Another good way to make your way into the pages is to attend publishers’ events. The magazine industry is involved in many major events through the year. So, if you want to write for a fashion magazine, start attending fashion shows. If you want to write for a fishing and hunting magazine, they you should begin attending trade shows where the major players in the industry are in attendance. Since magazines deal with niche markets, you need to become known in that market.

Try Your Luck with Online Magazines

Do not forget about the power of online magazines. They might not have the same cache as a print magazine, but they are good places to get started. A good online piece can become a social media sensation just as easily as a piece in a print magazine can.


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