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Freelance Writer Jobs – Is It Really That Good To Work From Home

If you are fed up with coming home late tired after a long working day, if you start noticing that your children grow up seeing their mother or father only for a brief time on Saturday, if your beloved spouse gets more and more aloof, there is a high chance that it is because of your long hours at work. You can go on existing like this, or you can take a chance, and change your life by starting a freelancing career. Writing freelancing jobs are quite attractive for those who have literary talents, and enjoy written communication. However, like any other job, freelance writer jobs have their advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages are as follows:

  • No more long hours.
  • As a freelance writer, you are free to plan your day the way you like it. If you are a night owl, no one will make you start your working day at 7 a.m. Moreover, you will save hours spent on getting to work and back home in overcrowded buses or traffic jams. You are sure not to miss these regular claustrophobic trips.

  • You are your own boss.
  • Being a freelance writer you have freedom to choose the jobs you like, and set your own workload. No one will have authority to tell you to take up the job you do not feel like doing.

  • No dress code.
  • You will not have to wear dull formal suits anymore. You are free to do the job in your favorite pajamas, sitting with maximum comfort at your beloved laptop that has all the settings you are used to.

  • No more office intrigues and rumors.
  • You will be surprised to find out how much free time is spent on small talk with colleagues. Intriguing and gossiping will be eliminated from your life forever, as soon as you start your freelancing career.

The disadvantages include:

  • You might get lonely.
  • Regular work is not only office hours, but a regular social life full of meeting new people, and socializing with the ones you already know. Some people are sure to miss this experience which is not a part of freelance jobs.

  • Your income is not stable.
  • You will not get stable workloads as a freelancer, as there will be periods with crazy amount of tasks, and periods with no orders at all.

  • No more paid vocation and health insurance.
  • The freedom to choose your own working schedule has certain hidden drawbacks that will come out as soon as you fall ill or feel you need some time off, because you will not get paid for this.


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