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What Is the Typical Freelance Writer Salary?

So, you are in the market to begin freelance writing? Well, this can be a lucrative field for you, but it will take dedication and open-mindedness for sure. Ultimately, when working in the field of freelance writing there is truly no standard for payment. Many jobs are completed on a flat rate, and some hourly, but these rates vary greatly from employer to employer and job to job. So, when considering the typical freelance writer’s salary—we can break down the standards of payment by job type. Three of the major job types you will see in the field of freelance writing include: articles, copyediting, and advertising. Each of these freelance job types has a corresponding typical payment amounts.

When writing freelance article, this is the lowest paying gig you will find. You will need to have an open mind about content, because you could be asked to write about potentially anything. You do not want to turn down a prospective freelance job, especially as a beginner, because each job will continue to build your experience, client-base and portfolio. With more experience and a larger portfolio, it will be easier to pursue jobs. An approximate idea of article writing payment is $1-$3/100 words.

As a freelance writer, you are also given the opportunity to work as a copyeditor. Many jobs request skilled writers and editors like you to copyedit books, papers, manuscripts and more to prepare them for finalization. These jobs tend to pay better than article writing, but have less of a standardized rate. A fair hourly rate for copyediting will fall somewhere around $13/hr or $1-$3/page.

Another popular kind of freelance job falls in the field of advertising. This could mean social media content, press releases, email pitches, speeches, or more methods of advertisement. These jobs are usually paid similarly to copyediting jobs, since both are usually larger singular projects versus mass production of articles. Working in advertising freelance has great benefits, and if a client likes your tone/voice for their brand then you will likely have secured a repeat customer. Payment for a press release or website content will fall somewhere between $30-$100 on flat rate payment.

These numbers are healthy estimates to give you an idea of what payment in the field of freelance work may be. You may find more meager payments, or luck into high paying jobs. Just keep an open mind, and your eye on the market to secure the best possible freelance positions possible.


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