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The Process of Hiring a Freelance Writer

Working for yourself is an incredibly appealing notion for many people, especially on frustrating days at the office. However, getting started as a freelancer comes with its share of unique difficulties. Navigating through these initial steps can be challenging at best when no one is at your side, but thankfully there is a growing network of guides and even other freelancers who are ready and willing to share their trials and tribulations in order to help newcomers to the industry. The information below will help you do just that.

When you first make the leap as a freelancer, you will find that there are many websites out there offering platforms through which you can conduct your work.

Each site offers something different. For those who are brand new to the world of published work and are in need of something online that can be built into a profile, the beginning sites are the best place to start. It is the easiest place to build a profile and begin working immediately. The workload and topics are pre-determined, as is the pay. However, it is a great medium through which freelancers can gain experience in the industry, learn to follow myriad of writing formats and styles, and cultivate a solid portfolio.

The freelance sites that cater to beginners lets you browse through a list of questions that have been posed on the internet and left unanswered. Your job is the answer them. You can select the topics you want and the price range you want though all articles is based on prices of $3-$15 contingent upon the difficulty of the question. You can search for articles within a particular niche to expound upon your skill or work with multiple questions to expand your repertoire. All articles must pass an editing process and once they are approved you receive your money. It’s that simple.

As you advance, you can move to more competitive sites with more opportunity and room for financial growth. There are many great websites out there that you can join. You must join the company by creating a profile after which you can search through jobs that meet your skills and interests.

For many of the major sites, clients leave feedback after you complete a job explaining how well you did. This enables you to build an online reputation that shows future clients why you would be a good hire. As your feedback increases, so does your rating. This expedites the rate at which you receive jobs and increases the amount of money you can make.


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