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Becoming a freelance writer: is there an easy way

As each and every job, freelance writing will demand some skills and effort from you, a job that is simple and very profitable, simply does not exist. Of course, if you are a professional writer, writing online shall not become a big problem for you. However, if you are just a student and are looking for a part-time job, you will need to work hard for some time to get a job and be good at it. Check our tutorial on how to become a good freelance writer in a short time and with minimal effort.

  • Become a good writer. Yes, this step must necessarily come the first. You need to create a positive image of yourself from the first pages of work with the company to be trusted with profitable jobs. Do not plan on improving your writing skills in progress of work with the company, it will most likely go unnoticed and you will be stuck with small cheap jobs forever.
  • Prepare to work at home. What may seem as an ideal job at first, can create huge problem later. Working at home can involve procrastinating and losing your attention. Make sure you will be able to manage your time and make yourself write even if you want to watch TV or play videogames more than anything in the world. Discipline yourself.
  • Set a goal salary. It will help you to manage how many jobs you can take and will give you a motivation to write more, better and quicker. Memorize the typical price per page in the company you are working for and do not be afraid to ask if something is not right: it’s your money. Set the amount of writing per day and do not go to sleep before you make your goal for the day.
  • Decide the type of writing that is suitable for you. If you are a student, you will most likely be good in academic papers, you write them on a daily basis anyway. If you have a blog, you can try yourself in writing blogs for other people. If you are a journalist, apply for a position in online journals and publications.

If you have passed all the steps, you are now ready to start the first serious freelance writing job. As you now know what you want, look for a company that will suit all of your needs and start making money!


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