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How To Become A Freelance Writer: Skills You Should Have

When one thinks of a freelance writer, they usually think of some stuffy person shut off from the world; in a dimly lit room, hammering out words for someone else. Well, that is not far from the truth, in that they do pound out words for someone else. But they are not always a stuffy person, they cannot afford to be. So what is a Freelance writer? They are a skilled, manipulator of words, to create functional pieces of writing. In this tutorial, we will look at some of the skills, the freelance writer, needs to have, for their job.

  1. Master Their Language
  2. Self-Motivated
  3. Excellent Research Skills
  4. Handle Failure
  • Master Their Language
  • A Freelancer writer needs to be more than just competent in their language; they need to be a wordsmith. Characteristically, this is to say, they need to be able to word things in a constant unique manner, that keeps the attention of the reader. They also need to be good in grammar, spelling, and sentence and paragraph structure.

  • Self-Motivated
  • Anyone that works for themselves, has to be a self-starter. There is no one else to motivate them to do anything. Which means sometimes a freelancer is going to be tired, and want to quit, but the job has to be completed by a deadline. So they have to get the work done. Sometimes the job is more than they expected, and they want to back out, but that would give them a bad name, so they have to keep going. The fact is, some cannot do that. So it is important to face that fact about yourself, can you push yourself, or not?

  • Excellent Research Skills
  • A lot of freelance writing, is boring research, hours of it. That is part of the job. The better the skills a freelancer has, the less time, but then they still have to convert that research into a paper. It’s all part of the game, and they need to be good at it, and have excellent skills.

  • Handle Failure
  • Everyone messes up, once in a while. No matter how good one is, they will mess something up. The freelancer has to be able to take it, and then turn it around. They have to say; “Ok, that did not go right, how do I fix it?”, and go on. Learn from that mistake, and keep going. Yes a thick skin helps, but confidence in one’s self is very important.


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