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Well-paid writing jobs are always available on the web

If you want to start writing from home you should rest assured that well-paid article writing jobs are always available on the web. There are many, many types of articles you can write, each of which requires slightly altered styles and methods. For instance, writing a standard academic literature review for publication will be vastly different from a feature piece for an online magazine.

You can use many sites to get started writing online and find repeat or temporary clients based on your schedule and availability. If you want to start writing from home full time you should find a style of writing that is in high and regular demand. If you want to write from home periodically you can do temporary projects.

Newspaper Articles

Newspaper articles are often short and concise unless they are feature pieces which are printed on the main page. The language is very simple, written so that every reader can understand. The references used in a newspaper article are often quoted within the text in lieu of being printed at the end. The titles in a newspaper article are designed to give the reader some insight into the context of the article. They will often track the development of a story while offering a slant for the readers by highlighting text important to the readers. These articles can cover regional, local, or international information or events as well as interviews with notable figures.

Special Interest

Special interest articles are those written to maintain the attention of readers for a span of five to ten minutes. These are often pieces you will find while leafing through a magazine in the doctor’s office. These pieces can focus on hobbies or something which is of particular interest to the target demographic such as sports cars or cooking. These articles are very short, again, unless they are cover pieces. Their length is often one to ten pages, maximum. The language is very simple but may contain technological phrases or terminology which a hobbyist would recognize. The sources are often cited within the article in the same manner as a newspaper article and the title speaks to the demographic it is targeting. These articles can be published on a regular basis, i.e. weekly or monthly, and therefore can provide updates about a current hobby or trend. They are also entertaining while covering topics that may be more challenging to locate elsewhere.


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