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How Much Can Good Freelance Writers Earn?

When working in a restaurant, the type of restaurant you work in is a determining factor in how well you are tipped by customers. Of course there are always exceptions, but generally in quick services industries you will see lesser tips and with fine dining you will find greater tips. Just like waiting on table, working in the field of freelance results in a great amount of pay grade fluctuation. Some of the factors that determine the rate you are paid for freelance work include your place of employment, type of assignments, and commitment to search.

  • Place of Employment
  • When working freelance there are a few different setting in which you may be working. Most of the time your work will be completed remotely, which does not affect the rate of your salary, but whom you are working for can have a great affect. Some of the companies that employ freelancers include publications, corporations, online entities and individuals. You may find that a corporation may have a larger budget for spending, resulting in greater payment. Whereas a smaller startups or business owners may be inclined to search for the best bang for their buck—looking for more of a bargain. A well-seasoned freelancer should have enough available work to be selective about the jobs accepted. An introductory may see the pay rate of $13/hr whereas someone with experience will see a higher hourly rate.

  • Type of Assignments
  • The type of work a freelancer is completing also determines the pay he or she may receive. Some of the popular types of freelance work are article writing, website content, resume/cover letters, and copyediting. Article writing on a large scale is usually lesser paid, averaging at $1/100 words of writing. These articles are most often used as content to bulk up websites. Jobs that result in better pay often include marketing materials and website content. Hirers put a greater value on this kind of writing because these are business materials intended to generate growth of a business. Freelancers can also find jobs creating important documents and editing important copy for employers at a good pay scale.

  • Commitment to Search
  • Committing yourself to searching for freelance work is sometimes the best way a freelancer can earn the best pay. By constantly working to build your portfolio and grow your network of clients—you are able to built a client-base that is willing to pay more for your successful work.


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